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Membership Drive Time!

Have friends who want to join our Krewe? It's time for our annual Membership Drive. Over the course of the summer and early fall, we will be holding Membership Socials that prospective new members can attend to get to know us and see if we are the type of group they'd like to join.

Our first Membership Social will be held on Monday, July 7th at Fresco's beginning at 5:30pm. At these meetings, our Membership Committee Chairs will speak to the group and give them an overview of what membership in our Krewe entails, but if you want to share the information with your friends sooner rather than later, here are some of the highlights:

  1. Membership is open to women who live in the Tampa Bay area, including Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee counties

  2. Membership is open to women 21 and over, with an Intermediate Membership option for those 21-40 years old, with reduced membership fees but required committee hours.

  3. First year costs include an Application Fee of $50, Membership Dues ($400/yr for regular membership and $300/yr for intermediate membership), costume creation (prices run $75 and up) and trading beads (cost varies). Other optional costs can include swag such as Tervis Tumblers, Trading Pins, shirts, etc.

  4. Besides financial requirements, there are service requirements that all members must complete: 2 hours of Float Maintenance and 6 hours of Community Service. Community Service projects will be set by the Board of Directors, and multiple options will be available throughout the year.

  5. Members must participate in 50% of all scheduled parades. This typically equates to only 3 parades a season.

  6. Each new member will be assigned an Ambassador (not their sponsor) for their first year, a seasoned member who can answer questions and show them the ropes.

  7. New members will be required to attend two meetings at the beginning of the parade season: a New Member Parade Meeting, and our All-Krewe Parade Meeting. These dates are TBD but are typically in October.

Prospective new members do NOT have to join at the social they attend. They have time to think it over before they make the commitment. They are welcome to attend as many socials as they'd like, to get to know us better. We need all applications and application fees in by November. There will be a membership cap this year, so if they want to join, they should not wait until the very end. We don't anticipate hitting our cap this year, but if we do, we will create a waiting list for membership.

Please note, in the past to boost membership, we have waived the first quarter dues for new members. We have reached a point where the Board feels this is no longer necessary, so new members will be required to pay a full year's dues. Members have the option of paying their dues quarterly, semi-annually or annually, and can pay using PayPal or sending a check. Members will be invoiced for their dues quarterly in July, October, January and April.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Membership Co-Chairs, Dianne Cohrs ( and Suzanne Fisher (


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