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INSANE Inflatable 5k Challenge

Do you love to exercise? No? Yeah, me neither. Well, do you love bouncy houses? Yes! Who doesn't? Then you need to join us for the most fun you could ever have as an adult-acting-like-a-child! On November 22nd at the Florida State Fairgrounds, the Ulele Krewe Warriors will be participating in the Insane Inflatable 5k Challenge! This course consists completely of inflatable challenges. It is not a timed challenge, it is strictly for fun (and if you get some good cardio out of it, so much the better).

You can sign up at Currently, the cost is $56.38, which breaks down to $49 registration fee, $3.50 race insurance and $3.88 processing fee. However, the cost will go up after August 1st, so if you want to save money, REGISTER NOW!

Here are some pictures of the obstacles:

Think you're up for it? Here are the instructions to sign up for our team:

1. Go to

2. Click on the "Register Now" link

3. Find the Tampa Bay Event and click "Register Now"

4. Click the "10am Wave" time slot

5. Sign in either as a New User or using your Facebook account

6. Select Participant (that would be you, or if you are registering someone else, it would be them)

7. Fill out the Participant Info

8. Scroll down to "Team Information". You want to join a team, so type in "Ulele Krewe Warriors" and hit search. When the team comes up, select it.

9. Read and agree to the Waivers.

10. Move on to the payment page, and you're done!

This event is open to EVERYONE! Krewe members, spouses, friends, and even kids OVER 12 years old. We hope you'll join us, it looks like a great time!


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