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Our Mission

As women of noble character, the Krewe of Princess Ulele honors the heroic spirit, selfless valor and protection attributed to the legendary Native American princess and the Tocobaga Indian tribe who inhabited the Tampa Bay Area. We establish a circle of women committed to service, comradery and the enrichment of our community”

About Us

The Krewe of Princess Ulele was founded in 2007 and embodies the heroic spirit of Princess Ulele of the Tocobago tribe. The Tocabago tribe lived in the southern Pinellas peninsula from 1000 to 1600 AD.  Princess Ulele, at great personal sacrifice, appealed to her father, Chief Hirrihigua, to spare the life of a captured Spanish sailor, Juan Ortiz, and saved his life. 

Krewe members continue her noble and an unselfish example by volunteering thousands of hours a year of community service in support of a wide variety of causes. The Krewe’s motto is “Women noble in thought, word, deed and spirit!”


In Honor of Princess Ulele, the Krewe features a Native American theme with a float designed to look like a canoe. All of the members have customized their costumes of mock suede with beads and appliques in the Krewe colors of pink, turquoise and tan.


Each year, an outstanding member of the Krewe is nominated to be the “Honorary Princess Ulele” and is the only member of the Krewe allowed to wear a tiara.


Michelle Maxwell - 2024 Honorary Princess

& Martha Bombardi - 2023 Princess

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